The Digital Workflow: A Modern Approach to Esthetic Restorations

Released: Thursday, April 21, 2022

Expires: Wednesday, April 30, 2025

By Anthony Mennito, DMD

Commercial Supporter: BISCO, Inc.

Recent advancements in dentistry have helped facilitate conservative approaches to esthetic restorations and an overall smoother treatment process. This article highlights a case study that exemplifies facets of a modern approach to esthetic restorations. 



  • Review treatment planning of esthetic cases and considerations in determining the best course of treatment
  • Discuss how technology can be used to create records, produce wax-ups, and enhance laboratory communication
  • Evaluate how thoughtful selection of materials can reduce the stress associated with the restoration delivery appointment 

About the Author

Anthony Mennito, DMD
Associate Professor
Medical University of South Carolina, College of Dental Medicine
Charleston, South Carolina

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